Our Transformation

Our Transformation

The Peanut People were once regular ol’ peanuts. Nothing fancy, no cute tattoos. Just the common shelled legume many of us grew up eating. Cut to a few years into the future: a HUGE number of people apparently become allergic to peanuts. Heck, today enough people are already allergic to shake up the peanut world. Seems it got much worse.

In a nutshell, the considerable increase of peanut allergies meant most people, in the future, no longer ate peanuts, or even peanut by-products! Banned from ballgames, bars and airplanes, peanuts were on every “out” list, unemployed and clearly in a rut.

A nut rut.

No longer destined as a snack, peanuts didn’t know where to turn. Grief ensued. Many couldn’t fathom newfound possibilities or fresh beginnings and rather spent time pining away for the good ol’ days and ways. Most peanuts spent years downtrodden & depressed, rotting away as they hungered for the past. Some boarded ships bound for China where allergies surprisingly didn’t prevent mass peanut-ey consumption.

A small grouping of peanuts, now widely known as The Peanut People, remained determined & optimistic, even during the roughest times. They didn’t buy into the hopeless gloom & doom of a world gone awry. They weren’t looking to recreate the past.

Forward-thinking pioneers, The Peanut People decided this swift kick in the shell could be turned into something positive. If no longer a popular snack — so be it. The Peanut People reinvented themselves, created a new destiny, and ultimately decided to spend their time helping to birth the dream of a better World. Not just for themselves, but for us all.

Ready for change & rarin’ to go, they cast off their outmoded shells in exchange for wings of light. They dreamed antennas made of gold atop their shiny bald heads. They swapped fear and sadness for inspiration. They proudly let their love-filled hearts be worn on their sleeves.

Today The Peanut People come to us from the year 2033, a time when they say our World could be a living Paradise. Or darn close to it.

The Peanut People come with their own brand of hopeful optimism, a touch of wise advice, and the invaluable knowledge of how we actually made it to the DREAM.

This is their first book.