Bring in your favorite Peanut Person, or one of your own personal guides… close your eyes and ask for your “message of the day”.

Or, ask for a message around a specific issue you’d like more clarity about. Let your hand mouse be guided toward the right card for you, choose that it shall be the “right” piece of information – and then click. VIOLA.

Magic is afoot. Look down at your shoe so you can see it.

How you conduct yourself will be of the utmost importance in getting what you want. Integrity will become the hottest commodity of the future. And, no matter how much integrity you already have...one can always have more.

It's time to rest. On your laurels -- or on your pillow. Taking a break and venturing into blissful solitude would be of great benefit right now.

The great star of Sirius holds some answers. Seek out the night sky this evening & find the blue star. Focus on it and ask to receive help, healing, and/or answers. Breathe in the “receivi...

Time is an illusion. Truly. Scientists have proven it. Don't worry about rushing to make things happen. Breathe with it. Gently. Allow things to unfold.

If you start to feel thankful now, in advance of the manifestation ...the path to receiving will be paved with more ease.